Moose Project > Objectives

The MOOSE concept is based on discussions and recommendations established by scientists during the Villefranche/mer, Banyuls/mer and Marseille workshops (February 2008, June 2008, May 2009) in the context of the MISTRALS program  and in relation to HYMEX, MERMEX and CHARMEX issues.  They aimed at addressing the key scientific and environmental issues relevant for climate change in the North Western Mediterranean basin.

Such network  combines eulerian observatories and autonomous mobile platforms to enlarge and enhance the Mediterranean observation.

  • to observe the long-term evolution of the NW Mediterranean Sea in the context of the climate change and anthropogenic pressures
  • to detect and identify long-term environmental anomalies
  • to build efficient indicators of the health of the NW Mediterranean basin

In the MOOSE plan, five scientific questions have been described in term of Work Packages: Read more

WP1  Mesoscale circulation
WP2  biogeochemical cycles and acidification
WP3  Biological communities and biodiversity
WP2 Rivers inputs
WP5  Atmospheric depositions


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