Moose Project > Hydrodynamical processes and water masses

Workpackage 1 

Hydrodynamical processes and water masses

The challenges for MOOSE are to properly track and monitor

  • the  Northern Current, flowing along the continental slope and recirculating north of the Balearic Islands,
  • the coastal/offshore exchanges, including cascading
  • the formation of deep/intermediate waters offshore ventilating the deep layers.

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This is required to monitor the thermohaline circulation, heat, salt budgets as well as stock estimates for the biogeochemistry. The adpoted approach must be multiscale and address the circulations of the three water masses of this basin (surface, intermediate and deep).

  • 2 glider endurance lines and several floats for characterizing the large scale circulation.
  • Long-term time-series from coastal and offshore moorings
  • Radar measurements for synoptic view of surface circulation and variability


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